Tuesday, February 15, 2011

For L. Jo (or was it J. Lo)

Home is where the heart. This is where part of my heart is (or was since its been awhile since I've physical lived there).  Welcome to downtown Castle Dale, UT. Google it, "its a great place to live, work, and play."


Mandy said...

Holy cow, you have a Maverik?!? Ah, reminds me of the midwest. Must. Go. Soon.

Nakki said...

Yeah, we're pretty cool. We actually have TWO gas stations in town. We're fancy huh?

Lyndsay said...

This makes me homesick, but I love the pics!
I don't mean to brag, Mandy, but I live right across the street from the Mav. Frozen yogurt any time.

Mandy said...

Hold the phone...TWO gas stations?!? That's legit!

Lyndsay, only cool people live across from Maverik. I'm jealous.

BRE said...

haha when did you post this?
yeah lynds LOVES fro yo's so much she ties herself to the maverik poles...or was that jan? haha.
im glad you included the food ranch.