Thursday, February 24, 2011

Painting My Thumb GREEN

If I don't naturally have a "green thumb," I'll fake it. Here goes, time to pull out the paints....this is what I have so far:
 I rescued this jade, can't remember where, but it was discarded and abandoned (perhaps broken off a larger plant? I dunno, just know that I made a HUGE difference in this one's life). Oh, and I used my birthday discount at Antro on these two pots (love them), don't worry, that's not the only thing I bought ;) The rock came from Montana perhaps? Not sure either (man I forget too much), but I'm pretty sure I was acquired during field camp (that's Geology Field Camp for all you out-of-the-departmenters).
 Here's the stolen aloe! So huge! And so lovely in its new, roomie home :) Those shoes you ask? Where did I get them? What? You've never seen them before? Right. So I LOVE these shoes (Mandy recently commented, "You're shoes are really dirty." I think she thinks they make me look homeless), and I wear them basically every chance I get (I'm wearing them right as I type).
 I got this cactus in LA (it was very little way back when).  I was on the job in Glassell Park when we saw TONS of cactus in this driveway that had been chopped to pieces. Apparently the owner was chopping it down because it became so massive that it was crumbling this CEMENT front porch.  I guess this should have been a clue as to how much she would grow.  She loves light and is going crazy. I love it.  P.S. If anyone want to break the top off and re-plant, let me know I've already done this twice and sent some home with my parents (she has no problem growing back and, in fact, I think she enjoys it very, very, much).
 This part of the house is basically the only place that gets good sun (south facing), so this is where all my plants go. I'll have to rearrange things once I get/make the planter I want for my little potted garden.
 Hello lovelies (can you tell I LOVE succulents?).
 What's up Mr. Aloe?
Rescued aloe (I might have taken some shoots after the gardeners trimmed a patch).


Mandy said...

I don't think that's exactly what I said! In the context of the conversation, it wasn't that bad. I was simply making an observation that your shoes, while still very cool, were a different color than when you bought them. Nothing against dirt, I like it. Embrace it.

Mandy said...

PS LOVE the plants.

Dezi & Brock said...

I want a piece of your huge cactus! I need some desert therapy, more than the dessert therapy I've been trying lately. Break off a piece for me when you get a chance.

Nakki said...

Come and get it Dez! My home is always open for you! ;) My cactus would love to be part of your home!