Monday, March 5, 2012

Movie Talk

I've always loved a good documentary or foreign film.  I tend to see them in theater by myself due to lack of interest from friends. So you can tell I was uber excited when Manda J. said she was interested in seeing a few documentaries (she is recently converting over).  I think we're going to make "Documentary Night" a new thing.  The first that was on the list was : Food Inc. (currently on Netflix and Amazon Prime instant watch)

Its a very unflattering and eye opening movie on how involved the government is in America's food industry. And how its cheaper to buy a bag of chips than it is to dozen eggs or another form of "real food." American's are obese but we're aiding this by "growing" our food with chemicals, steroids, etc. therefore increasing production rate and decreasing cost.  Its pretty messed up.  I will no longer be purchasing #Tyson products. And I will continue to grow my own food with whatever space I have.

We haven't decided what we'll watch next, but I decided to list a couple of my recent favorites:

Exit Through the Gift shop
Mad Hot Ballroom
Waiting for Superman
Man on Wire

What are some of your favorites? Any suggestions to add to my list?

Happy viewing!


Lyndsay said...

I'd be your documentary-viewing buddy if I lived closer. I'm a big fan. So far I've avoided Food Inc. because I'm not ready to accept the truth. Maybe I need to buck up.

Mandy said...

Yea for documentaries! I thought Food Inc. was fantastic. I think I want to add other food-related documentaries to the list (Super Size Me, Forks Over Knives, Food Matters, etc). Excited for the next one!

Nakki said...

Watch it Lynds, it'll also make you glad you grew up knowing what "real meat" is. R.I.P Bessie.